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Atlanta DUI Lawyers - Thomas, Webb & Willis

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  • "Your staff is amazing. They are extremely detailed, calming, knowledgeable and on top of things. Thanks for all your hard work." LAO
  • "Saying "Thank You" doesn't express my appreciation for the understanding and encouragement you have given me. Even though I feel like I'm living in limbo (while the case is pending), I can at least continue on with the volunteer work I do that requires driving a car." MR
  • I got a 1st time DUI conviction in May 07, in a non-commercial vehicle, among other requirements, I got a 120 day suspension on my license, that suspension was up on 9/21/07, I did all they wanted me to do, i.e. DUI school, counseling, and even on my own did AARP driver safety program. 

    i called Conyers to verify that I could get my CDL back and was told I had to go to Albany or Waycross, I did that and paid, and all they gave me was a regular license and was inform that my CDL is suspended till May 23, 08, all I've ever received from DDS was the 120 day suspension, nothing stating that my CDL would be suspended for a year.

    What I need to know is, is there an appeal process to get this overturned, when I plead guilty I was under the assumption that this was only a judicial suspension, and that it wouldn't affect my CDL.


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