Question: Can You Explain The Municipal Court Of Atlanta's Arraignment Process?

Answer: The City of Atlanta Municipal Court. The arraignment is the same; they want to know how you plead. But they set it up on a different process. Generally, they bring you in on the first Monday after your arrested, so you only have a couple of days to figure out what you want to do. When you go to your first court date the Judge will always reset it, for about a month. When you go in on that month date, or your lawyer goes for you, you can either be arraigned at that point, plead guilty or not guilty, demand a jury trial or a bench trial, or you can continue it again. “Ah, Judge we hadn’t read the police report, hadn’t seen the video, we need some more time.”

On the 60th day after arrest, he wants an answer. Are you going to plead guilty or not guilty? So the arraignment process in Atlanta, he’s still just trying to get the same information, but he’s got it structured differently, so your case could go as long as 90 days before you really gave him an answer. It varies from case to case

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