Question: Can Exposure To Certain Chemicals Affect The Breath Test Results In Georgia?

Answer: Yes. Certain chemicals can affect the breath test, depending on molecularly, what wavelengths of infrared light they would absorb. The machine’s got a filter wheel on it that’s supposed to filter out some of these molecules. But Georgia has only elected to get a filter wheel that really filters out acetone, toluene and acetaldehyde. They basically have a five filter system. They could have up to 15 or 20 filters if they wanted them. So they’ve elected sort of the most common molecules that might be in the machine. Interestingly, though, they don’t calibrate the filter wheel and they don’t check the filter wheel to see if it’s actually working. So when they go to calibrate the machine, they never look to see if the filter wheel is actually operational or not. So if you’re around chemicals, it’s definitely something to look into with a breath test.

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