Question: Does Knowing The Judge's Tendencies & Propensities Matter In Georgia?

Answer: Knowing the judge is one of the most important things in handling any criminal case, DUI certainly included. “Know your judge” is one of the most important things we learn, even all the way back in law school. Different court rooms, different judges are going to have different procedures. If you don’t follow those procedures, you’re going to be in trouble. Different judges have different tolerances. Some judges hate speeders, for instance, for some odd reason. So you would never want to bench try a case where speeding is the underlying charge. Some judges have different sentencing habits, depending on how your case is handled. If you mishandle your case – if your lawyer mishandles the case – you could wind up in jail, where if your lawyer had not mishandled the case, you would not be going to jail. You’ve got to know your judge’s tendencies. Some judges are excellent to do bench trials with, and some judges are horrible to do bench trials with. Obviously, at our firm, we know every judge, certainly in metro Atlanta, and every tendency. So, if you don’t know your judge, you’re really doing yourself a disservice.

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