Attorney Frank Gomez has been with Thomas, Webb and Willis since November 6, 2006. He previously served as a DUI prosecutor in the City Court of Atlanta and the State Court of Cobb County.

Frank is a member of the National College for DUI Defense and the Georgia Defense of Drinking Drivers group.

In 2004, Frank was recognized as the Assistant Solicitor General of the Year by the Solicitor General’s office of the Cobb Judicial Circuit, and in 2013, Frank was named Georgia DUI Lawyer of the Year by the Georgia Defense of Drinking Drivers group. Frank has also attended classes on the standardized field sobriety test evaluations by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the new Intoxilyzer 9000 breath testing device.

Frank is a sustaining member of the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers where he is currently serving as Regional Vice President in that statewide criminal defense organization.

Frank is a frequent lecturer and chair for DUI seminars sponsored by the Institute of Continuing Legal Education of Georgia and the Georgia Court of Appeals.


Frank represented me in a DUI case that just reached its conclusion. The case ended up taking almost 18 months to resolve, but Frank checked in with me repeatedly to report on the progress (or at times, the lack of it) and to make sure I was doing ok. He guided me though all the steps of the legal process. He directed me to expert witnesses and was mindful of the fact that my pockets are not deep. He was also willing to work with me on a payment schedule, although I am sure that is a case by case decision he makes.

He avoided mitigating speech, stuck to the facts, made sure I understood best-case AND worst-case scenarios. He was well-prepared for trial, when it finally happened. He argued my case, appealing to the jury with facts, logic and with this people skills. He actually held my hand before the verdict was read, and while that might not sound important, to me, at the moment, it meant a lot. The verdict was not guilty and I owe that to Frank’s expertise and hard work. I would absolutely recommend Frank, although it is my desire to never see him again for myself!

-Anonymous Client

I have recently completed a legal experience with Frank Gomez. I received a DUI in September of 2009, due to a faliure to submit to a blood test. After disclosing all of the details about my arrest, Frank began working diligently to prove my innocence. He does not simply look for one potential manner in which to do so–he finds all the issues/ problems that may be able to prove innocence. After several visits to the court, I was recently cleared of my DUI charge and I owe that to Frank, entirely. He has truly been a blessing to me. Hire him with confidence.

-Anonymous Client

Mr.Gomez was a fantastic lawyer. He is incredibly knowledgeable and kind. He did not promise anything and told us up front nothing was a guarantee. He kept us fully informed every step of the way, but did not sugarcoat anything. If you need a DUI Defense lawyer, I highly recommend Mr. Gomez.

Anonymous Client