Question: How Does A Lawyer Help At The ALS Hearing In Georgia?

Answer: When we go to the driver’s license hearing, the first thing we’ll do is figure out what category you fall into. Are you a 30 day suspension with a limited permit, or are you a year’s suspension with no permit? You know, there’s a lot of differences with those two, and the approach will be a lot different. 30 days with a permit, we may go in and just have a hearing. The officer swears to tell the truth, he’s on the stand; we lock him into his story. If it’s a year with no permit, maybe we have a different strategy. We may try to go in and work out some negotiations with the police officer that will allow you to continue driving over the next year. So, how we handle a hearing is going to be based, in large part, on what the ramifications are, and that varies – literally – from case to case to case. We’re always trying to get the driver’s license hearing worked out so that the client can continue driving, and we’re very successful at doing that.

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