Question: What Is Your Firm's Secret To Winning Georgia DUI Cases?


We have more training than most police officers have.

Number two – persistence. We work incredibly hard on every single one of our files and we investigate all of our cases. We have great relationships with every prosecutor’s office, judge’s office and we’re tenacious. We don’t give up. We will work as hard as we can not to take “no” for an answer. We will do everything we can to try and get rid of the DUI by bringing in whatever evidence that we need to show the prosecutor why there are problems with the case.
Further, we know the law. We are legal scholars and we come prepared. We have lawyers in our firm who have written books on DUI law. We’ve researched the DUI law, we speak around the country and in Georgia and lawyers pay to come hear us speak on how to handle DUI cases. So, that’s our area of expertise. We focus primarily on DUI cases in our firm.

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