Question: What Are Ways To Contest The Breath Test Machine In Georgia?

Answer: First off, Georgia is moving to a new machine, the Intoxilyzer 9000. We’ve been using an old machine for the last 20 years, where parts are no longer manufactured. In addition, Georgia doesn’t follow procedures like other states do. Ways you can attack the breath test involve, number one – what sort of health issues does the person have? Number two – Are they diabetic? Do they have dentures or other types of issues involving foreign substances in their mouth? Do they have a high protein diet? Do they have any kind of medications or take any sorts of things that can cause a higher than normal alcohol level? In addition, you can challenge the breath test on grounds such as a partition ratio. You can challenge the breath test on grounds of interfering substances such as different types of chemicals that can interfere with a breath test. I’m just trying to think off the top of my head for other reasons. Did the proper amount of time pass before they administered the breath test? Was the breath test given properly? Did the police follow the instructions the way that they were trained to give a breath test? Were all parts attached to the machine and in good working order? Has the machine been calibrated and checked quarterly?

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