Question: Can You Explain The Pre-Trail Motions & What That Means In Georgia?

Answer: What your lawyer will do is file motions in your case. The motions would include discovery; we want videos, police reports. They typically include a motion to suppress, which means we want something in your case thrown out of evidence so the judge and jury can’t hear about it – a breath test result or blood test result or field sobriety tests. We may argue the officer had no right to stop you or no right to arrest you. Those would be preliminary motions. Different courts handle motion hearings different ways. Some courts will hear the motions just prior to trial. Some courts will hear the motions on a whole separate court date. Typically, though, we will have the motion hearings prior to any kind of trial, so it gives us a very good idea of what kind of case we have before, obviously, we go in and start trying the case.

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