Question: What Should You Do Immediately After Being Arrested For DUI To Save Your License In Georgia?

Answer: In Georgia, very often, you’ve been arrested for a DUI and refused the test or took the test and blew above the legal limit, the officer is going to take your driver’s license and give you a 30 day driver’s permit. On the back of that permit, in fairly small writing, it talks about the importance of sending a letter to the Department of Driver Services along with a $150 dollar administrative filing fee. We can do that. What that does is protect your privileges to drive and give you a hearing that is separate from the court date and that hearing, often times, will be dispositive or will determine what happens to your driver’s license. Generally it will take place before your case has been resolved in criminal court. It is a separate suspension from your criminal penalty. So on a first lifetime or a second, third, fourth, however many DUI’s you have, it is a separate penalty from the criminal conviction.

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