Question: What Is Mouth Alcohol In Georgia?

Answer: Right. After you take a drink of alcohol, what happens is that the alcohol molecules may stay in your mouth for a certain period of time. That can cause erroneous or higher breath test results. And the breath test machine is designed to detect for that, even the GBI people will tell you that the mouth detection devices in terms of alcohol in the machines are not right all of the time. That is the biggest problem that an alcohol breath machine manufacturer has is mouth alcohol, because if it hasn’t dissipated, it can cause a falsely high level of alcohol and the breath test readings would be incorrect and not be a fair reflection of how much alcohol you have in your blood stream. Typically they say that mouth alcohol dissipates after 20 minutes, but if you burp, belch or have gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD) you could have the effects of the alcohol at any point of time for blowing into a breath machine. And they’re supposed to wait and watch you for 20 minutes before you blow into the machine, but very seldom does that take place.

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