Question: What Is An Expert Witness & Why Is It Important To Have One In Georgia?

Answer: An expert witness would be someone we would bring in to either explain some part of our case or rebut something the prosecutor has. Generally an expert in Georgia is someone who has expertise in a certain area, and they can shed light on a subject that is beyond a layperson’s normal knowledge. A good example would be somebody that understands how the breath test machine works. And if you had a specific health problem, we might bring an expert in to explain why a diabetic would make the machine react how it reacted, or how a painter who’s around acetone all day, how acetone could affect the machine. You can bring in experts on field sobriety evaluations to explain why the officer who – the prosecutor may put the officer up as sort of an expert on field sobriety evaluations, but we can bring our own expert in to say that that officer in fact did not either instruct properly or score properly the field sobriety evaluation. So experts are somebody we bring in to either assert something in our case or to rebut the state’s expert in their case. They can be very, very important. They can make or break your entire case. Because generally, I can’t just say something, I have to be able to present it in a legal fashion. We have experts on really any aspect of a DUI case available to us.

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