If you have been arrested for driving under the influence, our first priority at Thomas, Webb, and Willis is to help you fight the DUI and get your case dismissed. Not only can a DUI in Atlanta lead to significant fines and even jail time, a DUI on your record can also make it more difficult for you to get a job in the future, and the stigma from a DUI can follow you for a long time.

If we are unable to get the case completely dismissed, then we will work with you to get an alternative sentence. Changing your conviction from a DUI to Reckless Driving or Failure to Maintain Lane will dramatically reduce your penalties and punishment. It will also reduce the chance of you being stigmatized or discriminated against because of your conviction. At Thomas, Webb, and Willis we have hundreds of years of experience fighting DUI cases in court, and we will do everything to get your case dismissed or to get you alternative sentencing.


In the state of Georgia, there are actually many different types of alternative sentencing programs. Unfortunately, most of them do not apply to people who were arrested for a DUI or are very difficult to obtain in DUI cases.

  • Diversion: Some people charged with a crime have the opportunity to join a diversion program. Diversion programs require you to do a number of hours of community service, complete classes, and sign a program fee. If you complete all the requirements, you can have the record of the arrest expunged.
  • Pre Trial Intervention- Traffic: Available in the City of Atlanta Municipal Court, as long as you pay the fines and possibly take a defensive driving class, your case will be dismissed and you won’t receive any points on your driver’s license.
  • First Offender: Under Georgia Law, some first time offenders can be placed on probation or given less jail time. If that person completes these requirements, then he will be exonerated.
  • Most Georgia courts will not allow people arrested for DUIs to enter diversion programs, the First Offender cannot be applied for DUI cases, and Pre Trial Intervention is only available for less serious traffic violations. That is why our attorneys will work to reduce your DUI to a less serious charge.


    Though it is possible, reducing DUI cases is extremely difficult. Most judge and courts do not want to appear soft on drunk driving, so they normally pursue these cases as much as they can. To get your charge reduced, your attorney will have to find major flaws in the case, such as if you can show that you were not stopped for a valid reason or if there is a reason why the blood tests and breath tests were not valid or admissible. In these situations, it’s very important that you have an experienced DUI attorney who can help you.


    If the state’s case against you is too strong, you won’t be able to get your charge reduced. In these situations, our attorneys will do everything they can to reduce your punishment and penalties and most importantly try to avoid any jail time. This way you can continue to work and not lose your livelihood because of your arrest.

    If you were recently arrested for DUI, you should contact an attorney immediately. This is the only way to properly defend yourself and give yourself a chance to have the case dismissed, reduced, or avoid possible jail time. At Thomas, Webb, and Willis we will fight for you and get you the best possible outcome.

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