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Atlanta Cocaine Lawyer

The state of Georgia comes down hard on drug crimes, and penalties often include heavy fines and court costs, as well as mandatory jail sentences. When you are facing these types of charges, the sooner you get an experienced drug defense lawyer on your side, the better. When it comes to legal help for drug charges in Atlanta, get the kind of strong legal representation that can get you results at the Law Office of Thomas, Webb, and Willis, LLC. We understand the serious ramifications these types of charges can have, both now and in the future, and can help to ensure your rights and freedoms are protected.

Atlanta Cocaine Charges

Penalties for cocaine crimes in Atlanta are based on the type of charges, as well as the amount of cocaine involved and any past criminal convictions on your record. Even a small amount of cocaine can leave you facing a mandatory minimum jail sentence, while larger amounts may result in both a state and federal conviction. Types of cocaine-related drug charges listed under the Georgia Code include the following:

Possession and Distribution Of Cocaine

Charges for possession involve amounts of the drug intended for personal use, while possession with the intent to distribute is generally based on having larger quantities of the drug that you intend to deliver to others. Charges for both are listed under Section 16-13-30 of the Georgia Code. Penalties for possession vary based on the amount of drugs involved as well as any prior convictions you may have, and can range from a mandatory minimum one-year sentence for two grams or less, to up to 15 years for four grams or more. The penalty for possession with intent to distribute carries a potential jail sentence of between five and 30 years for a first offense, while a second offense could result in imprisonment of up to 40 years or life.

Manufacturing Cocaine

Charges for manufacturing cocaine are filed in cases in which you are accused of being involved in the production process of the drug itself, or were involved in its preparation for distribution or sale. Cocaine is classified as a Schedule II controlled substance and the manufacture of cocaine is classified under the same code section as distribution. If convicted, you could face a jail sentence of three to 30 years, while a second offense could result in a mandatory ten-year imprisonment sentence, up to 40 years or more.

Trafficking Cocaine

When the quantity of drugs found on your property or in your possession exceeds 28 grams, you could end up facing charges for trafficking cocaine. Under Section 16-13-31 of the Georgia Code, penalties for trafficking cocaine involve fines and mandatory imprisonment based on the quantity involved. While a minimum sentence may result in a mandatory jail sentence of ten years or more and fines of $200,000, increased quantities could result in a minimum 25 years and as much as $1 million in fines. In addition, you could find yourself answering to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). Federal charges for trafficking cocaine could result in life imprisonment, and fines up to $25 million, if you acted as part of an illegal drug organization

Legal Help For Drug Charges In Atlanta

When you are facing potentially severe penalties as the result of criminal drug charges, you need aggressive legal representation to make sure your rights and interests are protected. Get the experienced, aggressive legal help you need for drug charges in Atlanta and contact the Law Office of Thomas, Webb, and Willis, LLC today. Our criminal defense lawyers have the legal skill necessary to assist you in strategizing your best course of defense to help you avoid the serious ramifications that result from a conviction. Reach out to us today for professional assistance. (404) 250-1113.

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