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Atlanta DUI Lawyer Ready to Help with your City of Atlanta Municipal Court DUI Case

The Municipal Court of Atlanta is our law firm’s BUSIEST court. We handle hundreds of cases there each year. Because we have Georgia’s largest DUI and criminal defense law office, we have an attorney from our office in the Atlanta Municipal court EVERY DAY.

Since 2013, a major change was made in the way that driving under the influence (DUI) arraignment court dates are handled in the court. You may be required to appear in court in less than 24 hours for your first appearance. If you retain us, we can cover this WITHOUT YOU! We take calls 24-hours a day to make certain you are covered.

Your first court date (the arraignment) will be either 8:00 AM or 3:00 PM. Call us NOW to get an immediate, in-depth phone consultation. If you retain one of our Atlanta DUI lawyers, we will appear FOR YOU at the Municipal Court of Atlanta.

Many people can’t be in court and may need to return to work, travel or perform their family duties. WE CAN COVER THIS FIRST APPEARANCE HEARING FOR YOU, IF WE ARE RETAINED THE DAY BEFORE!

The Atlanta Municipal Court requires each Atlanta DUI case to have a final disposition within 6 months from the time of the DUI arrest. We also cover your new court dates (no matter how many are required) without you present, except a final disposition. This allows you to work, take care of your family, or complete travel plans in order to not disrupt your life. We will advise you to be present in court only when it is necessary.

Because we’re there every day, we can save our clients from wasting time making appearances for routine court “resets.” Also, we cover our clients’ calls 24/7, and can speak to you via phone to arrange for your representation, even on Saturday, Sunday or a holiday.

First Appearance/Arraignment for Your DUI Case

Because of these unique procedures, and the inherent delays required for us to obtain your Atlanta police report and video of your DUI arrest, and to allow us to negotiate with the prosecutor, if you decide to go to court ALONE on your first appearance, you can ask for and receive a reset of your first court date at Atlanta Municipal Court. You can ask to have the prosecuting attorney read your charges to you in court. This is a basic part of an arraignment that goes back many centuries, when most of the population could not read. The Judge will make certain that you comprehend the pending charges, and (depending on your answer), that simple step completes the arraignment process.

Call the Law Offices of Thomas J. Thomas to help you cover this court appearance and to make sure that you can go to work or school. Call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 404-250-1113 or submit your FREE online case evaluation form to schedule a free case interview.

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