Alleged Owners of Arrested in South Florida

Imagine you suffer a lapse in judgment – you get behind the wheel after one too many drinks during a night out with your friends, and as you are driving home, you get pulled over and blow a .1 BAC. The officer places you in handcuffs, loads you into the back of his car, and … More


Getting a Limited Driver Permit

Getting a limited driver permit will be a challenge for regular commutes, but the odds may seem insurmountable if you are a commercial driver. Truckers, bus drivers, package delivery, and other professional drivers will face particular challenges. Generally, you are not required to tell an employer that you have been arrested for DUI or convicted … More


DUI Refusal

After stopping you for a traffic offense a police officer may attempt to turn the stop into a DUI investigation. You have the right to refuse to answer any questions or participate in any field evaluations during such an investigation. Refusing these tests though does carry potential consequences including the suspension of your driver’s license. … More

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