Drug Charges

Rise In Drug Trafficking Arrests In Atlanta Area

Whether you live in Atlanta, Athens, or another city in Northern Georgia, it is important to understand the repercussions of being charged with a drug offense. According to a recent article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the Georgia Attorney General has emphasized that the state has a specific task force to combat drug trafficking in … More

What Are The Steps I Should Take After Being Arrested For Cocaine In Atlanta?

Being arrested on drug charges is a serious matter. Hundreds of people in Atlanta are arrested on drug charges each year, such as cocaine possession. If you have been arrested in Atlanta for possession of cocaine, below are a few steps you should take to protect yourself from the charges you face. Get an experienced … More

Top 3 FAQs We Get When Consulting Drug Charge Cases

Atlanta drug laws are some of the most complicated laws there are. With the number of drug schedules and variety of charges that could be applied in any one case, it is very easy to be overwhelmed in a drug charge case. This is why you need the experience and assistance of the attorneys at … More

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