Sobriety Test


DUI Refusal

After stopping you for a traffic offense a police officer may attempt to turn the stop into a DUI investigation. You have the right to refuse to answer any questions or participate in any field evaluations during such an investigation. Refusing these tests though does carry potential consequences including the suspension of your driver’s license. … More

Why Field Sobriety Tests May Be Inadmissable

In 2013, the Supreme Court of the United States changed the landscape of DUI law throughout the entire country with its decision in Missouri v. McNeely, 133 S.Ct. 1552 (2013). For the first time ever, the Supreme Court held that a DUI suspect has a constitutional right to refuse State-administered chemical testing. Prior to this … More

What Happens When You Refuse A Sobriety Test In Georgia?

Note: This post was originally written on October 27, 2015 and updated on May 16, 2018. If you are pulled over on the suspicion of driving under the influence, the officer will ask you to perform field sobriety tests and to take a preliminary breath test. Following the results of these preliminary tests, he or … More

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