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Client Testimonials


I hired Tom when I was charged with my first DUI. He had my charge lessened and explained the entire process thoroughly. If facing similar difficulties, would highly recommend him as your attorney.



Tom is the BEST lawyer if you ever need to go to court. He is a legend in his field. He is highly respected by his peers, prosecutors, clients and everyone he works with. I was very scared when I had to go to court because I never thought that I will need to in my life. I am extremely thankful that I had Tom by side when I had to go to court. He gave me the confidence that he will fight for me and he absolutely did. He does not care about money or his time. He cared about me as his client and I can not appreciate enough what he did for me. His assistant Ms. Brigitte is a delight to work with. She is one of the most efficient professionals I have ever met. My case’s outcome was totally positive. All chargers were dismissed: complete credit to Tom. Thank you!



In life we make mistakes, we all do. I made several one morning in December. I was arrested on multiple charges, and had no way of defending myself without serious jail time and losing my driving privileges. I contacted the Law Office of Thomas J. Thomas and asked for assistance. Working with Mr. Thomas and his great staff, more specially Ms. Brigitte, they successfully negotiated an agreeable reduction of my traffic offenses (DUI) with the County Solicitor and the Honorable Judge. He wasn’t lucky, his reputation as a great attorney, well recognized and received in the industry helped our case (we were 4 hours late to appear, again, because of his reputation and honest hard work, the County Solicitor, and the Honorable Judge waited 4 hours until he arrived. That speaks volumes). I’m writing this late letter today, because I have been busy working, I drive for a living……by the way he saved my driving privileges. Today I get a second chance to get my life together.

-Anonymous Client

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