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DUI School & MADD Victim Panel Requirements For Convicted Offenders In Georgia

If you are convicted of a DUI in Georgia, but you are able to avoid jail time, the court will place you under probation. One of the requirements to lift your probation will be to attend DUI School. The judge may also require you to attend a MADD Victim Panel.

It’s important to understand both of these programs, so that you can successfully complete them and get proof of that completion. If you fail to meet the requirements set forth in your probation, the court can revoke your probation and send you to jail.


The official name for DUI School is the DUI, Alcohol, or Drug Use Risk Reduction program. In the state of Georgia, you will be required to attend this type of intervention program if you have been convicted of a DUI. Before the Georgia Department of Driver Services can reinstate your driver’s license, you must show them that you have completed this program.

Completing DUI School will typically take a few days. There are two parts of the program. The Assessment component is used to measure your alcohol or drug use and also to determine how the use of alcohol or drugs is affecting your driving. To complete this program you must complete a questionnaire of 130 questions. After the assessment is complete, you will have to also complete the Intervention component. This is a 20 hour course. During the course, you will have education sessions, group sessions, and counseling sessions.


DUI School can usually be finished in less than a week, but you cannot complete it online. You must do it in person. Some DUI programs are very strict about attendance, and if you are late you will be marked for an absence. It’s very important that you come in on time and every day and participate, so that you can get your certificate of completion.

All DUI schools charge $355 for their program. They are not legally allowed to charge more, and you should never pay more than $355. Before you sign up for a course, make sure that it is approved by the Department of Driver Services and the Department of Human Resources.

In many cases, we recommend that our clients enroll and complete DUI School before the trial even begins. It will show that you are taking the arrest seriously and may help us negotiate for a lesser charge or a lesser punishment. In addition, getting this done before trial will help you quickly get your driver’s license reinstated, so that you can get back to work as soon as possible.


The MADD Victim Panel is a program created by the Mothers Against Drunk Driving organization. Unlike DUI School, it is not required by law, but a judge may require it depending on the severity of your case. During the two hour panel, you will listen to people talk about how drunk driving has changed their lives and the lives of their families. Some panels will ask all of the attendees to submit to a breath test. If you fail this breath test, it could be reported to your probation officer, so it is very important that you do not drink any alcohol before coming to a MADD panel.

If you were recently arrested for driving under the influence, you should immediately get in touch with an experienced DUI attorney. If you are convicted, you may have to attend both of these programs, but an attorney may be able to help you avoid conviction and these requirements. At Thomas, Webb, and Willis, we will help defend your from DUI charges and do our best to get them dismissed or reduced. Dial 404-250-1113 to schedule your free DUI consultation today.

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