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Price To Pay For A DUI

So many things in life cost money and if you’re charged with a DUI, get ready to fork over more than just dough. Get ready to hand over your driver’s license, insurance, your car – oh and possibly your freedom because you could see jail-time.

Dig a little deeper into your wallet for heavy fines, court costs, bail money and while you’re at it your job. Actually, forget about future jobs, too because a DUI charge goes on your permanent record and can affect future employment. Even traveling to another state or other countries will be limited – not that you’ll have the money to go anyway. But you will have to travel every week to meet with your probation officer. And while you’re in the “giving spirit” be ready to give your time for some community service.

Today, the average cost for even a first-time DUI conviction can range from $5,000 to $20,000. Not ready to lose that kind of money or your rights and freedom? Meet Thomas & Willis, an Atlanta-based law firm focusing on DUI cases. Thomas & Willis has some of the nation’s foremost authorities on drunk driving defense. They are ready to help you fight for your rights. And just when you’re ready to give up, they will help you potentially “walk away” from a DUI charge.

Thomas & Willis is the largest DUI defense firm in Georgia. So if you want to “walk away” from a DUI charge, if you want peace of mind again, invest in a better life. Invest in Thomas & Willis. The firm is happy to accept credit cards and remember that it’s well worth the cost to be able to leave behind a nasty DUI charge. Dial 404-250-1113 to setup a free case evaluation today!

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