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Prior DUI Convictions

In Georgia, the penalties and punishments for being found guilty of driving under the influence largely depend on if you have been found guilty in the past. The state has a rapidly escalating scale of consequences for DUI offenders. If you are convicted of your third or fourth DUI, you will face very severe consequences. In addition, if you have DUI convictions already on your record, the state attorneys and the judge will be less likely to negotiate plea deals or lenient sentences with you. Even if your previous charges were reduced to reckless driving, they may still affect your treatment by the court and the type of plea offer you receive.

At Thomas, Webb, and Willis, our attorneys can help defend you regardless of how many convictions you have had in the past. No matter how many times you have been convicted, we will do everything we can to help you avoid conviction this time.


  • First DUI in Georgia
    If this is your first DUI charges in Georgia, your potential consequences are much less severe than someone who has been charged multiple times. Still, it is very important that you get an attorney who can properly defend you. The consequences are still very real, and getting these charges dropped or reduced could be very important if you are ever arrested for another DUI in the future. The consequences from a first DUI depend largely on the case’s specific details, but with an experienced attorney, you may only be required to pay fines, perform community service, attend DUI School, and have your driving privileges temporarily taken away.
  • Second DUI in Georgia
    Your second DUI charge brings much more serious potential consequences. Your fines and penalties will be much higher, and you may lose your driving privileges for an entire year. The court may also require you to join a DUI Court program and enter into probation. Because of these severe punishments, you should make sure you get an experienced DUI attorney to defend you.
  • Third DUI in Georgia
    Once you get your third DUI charge, conviction could potentially affect you for the rest of your life. Fines will be extremely large and there is significant chance that you will also have to serve time in jail. Being convicted three times for drunk driving will classify you as a Habitual Violator, and you may not be able to drive for five years. If a Habitual Violator is caught driving before this period expires, he can be charged with a felony and can be sentenced to five years in prison. With these types of stakes, it’s very important that you have an attorney that you can trust and that will do everything he can to reduce your charges or get them dismissed.
  • Fourth DUI in Georgia
    In the state of Georgia, a fourth DUI charge is automatically elevated to a felony. This means that a conviction will permanently add a felony to your record, and you could serve as many as five years in jail. It is very important that you hire an experienced attorney and do everything you can to avoid a fourth conviction.

Are you being charged with your first DUI? Are you being charged with your second, third, or fourth DUI? No matter how many charges you have had in the past, it is crucial that you find a DUI attorney who can competently defend you and help you fight your charges in court. Our team at Thomas, Webb, and Willis will provide you with expert legal guidance and assistance to give you the best chance of dismissing or reducing your charges. For immediate help with your DUI case today, call 404-250-1113 for a free consultation.

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