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Risk Reduction Program

Every person who is convicted of a DUI in Georgia is required to complete the Risk Reduction Program, also known as DUI School. The program is meant to help educate a driver about the dangers of substance abuse and driving under the influence. DUI School is made up of two separate components, the Assessment and the Intervention.


To complete the Assessment component you must finish a 130 question survey that will ask you questions about your alcohol and drug use and also about your driving. This test will help you and the staff at the DUI School better understand your specific situation and how best to help you.


The Intervention component is more time-consuming than the Assessment because it is comprised of 20 hours of classroom session. These sessions include educational instruction, group discussion, and counseling. All 20 hours must be completed, and they must be completed in person, if you want to receive your certificate of completion.

In order to complete DUI School as quickly as possible, it’s very important that you always arrive on time. Many DUI schools are very strict about attendance and may mark you absent even if you are only a few minutes late. Then you will have to go to additional sessions in order to meet the 20 hour requirement.


There are DUI schools all across the state, and you can find them online or get help from the Department of Driver Services. When selecting a DUI school, you should always make sure that your school is approved by DDS. If your school is not approved, you will not receive credit for completing the course.

You should also check the price of the program before enrolling. DUI schools are only allowed to charge $355. If you see a school that is charging more, you should report that school to DDS and find an appropriate school.


We recommend that you enroll in DUI School and complete the program before your DUI trial. This program is required for every person convicted of DUI, and it’s usually a better idea to get it out of the way in case you are convicted. Once you have a DUI conviction, you will no longer be able to drive, so you will have to ask someone else to drive you and pick you up from DUI School, which can make it much more difficult to schedule and enroll. Getting this out of the way early will also help you quickly fulfill the court’s requirements, so that you can begin driving again as soon as possible.

It is also important to note that completing DUI School is in no way an admission of guilt. You can complete DUI School even if you believe your DUI charge is completely inappropriate. The court will not view your enrollment as an admission of guilt in any way. In addition, the court will not be notified that you were in DUI School unless you or your attorney informs them. If the trial does not go as expected and you are convicted, showing the judge that you have already completed the program will demonstrate that you take the offense very seriously. This could help you receive a lighter sentence.

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