2nd Time DUI Charge Attorney In Atlanta, GA

2nd Time DUI Charge Attorney In Atlanta, GA

Driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs is always a serious offense with potentially harsh penalties in Georgia. However, the possible consequences for a DUI conviction can substantially increase if you have a prior DUI conviction on your criminal record. While a 2nd DUI is still charged as a misdemeanor under Georgia DUI laws, the criminal courts take multiple offense significantly more seriously than a first-time offense. If you have been arrested and you have a previous DUI, you should contact us for 2nd DUI defense help immediately.

What Constitutes a 2nd DUI Offense?

Under Georgia DUI laws, there is a “look back period” of ten years for the purposes of DUI charges. This means that if you had a prior conviction within the ten years before your 2nd arrest, you can be charged as a multiple offender. As in any other DUI case, the prosecutor must prove that your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was over the legal limit of 0.08 percent or that your driving abilities were impaired. Prosecutors can use different types of evidence to do so, including the following:

In addition, if you are being charged with a 2nd DUI, the prosecutor must further prove that you had previously been convicted of DUI within the look back period.

Penalties For a 2nd DUI In Georgia

The consequences for DUI can increase with each subsequent conviction. 2nd DUI laws in Georgia allow for the following penalties and more:

  • Required 72 hours behind bars;
  • Possible jail sentence of up to one year;
  • Suspension of your driver’s license for three years;
  • Installation of an ignition interlock device when you reinstate your license;
  • Undergo an alcohol evaluation and treatment if deemed necessary;
  • Participation in the Risk Reduction Program, an alcohol education class;
  • At least 30 days of community service;
  • 12 months of probation;
  • Having your picture published as a convicted DUI offender in the news.

While the above penalties are already harsh, having a 2nd DUI conviction on your record can have additional effects on your life. You may lose your job if it requires you to drive, you may experience difficulty finding new employment or getting accepted to educational programs, and you will certainly face even harsher consequences if you are ever arrested for DUI again in the future. For this reason, it is always better to avoid a conviction for even a 1st DUI.

Call An Experienced 2nd DUI Defense Law Firm In Atlanta, GA

If you need DUI law help in Atlanta, your first call should be to the law office of Thomas, Webb and Willis, LLC. Our experienced legal team provides the highest quality of 2nd DUI defense and will protect your rights throughout every stage of your case. We understand how seriously a 2nd DUI conviction can affect your life and we strive to avoid conviction whenever possible. If you have been arrested, call our office today at 404-250-1113 for a free consultation.

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