Question: What Does Implied Consent Mean In Georgia??


Answer: Implied consent was set up so that when you get a driver’s license you consent to have your blood, breath or urine taken from you. And from signing to get a driver’s license you consent to have your license suspended if you don’t take the test and you consent to take the state test. Georgia by statute allows for you to refuse that, and what happens is, often times in some jurisdictions, if you refuse the state can get a warrant to take your blood, or draw your blood if they choose to. If you agree to get a driver’s license then you agree to take the state breath test. And it’s a means by which the state can suspend your license for not taking the test, or for blowing above the legal limit. And if arrested in Georgia, the officer is require to read to you, if arrested for a DUI the officer is required to read to you the implied consent warning, that tells you the consequences of either taking the test and blowing above a certain level, or refusing the test and the penalties and what could happened to your license and privilege to drive.

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